Course Description

What is The Real Estate Assistant Master Course? 

The Real Estate Assistant Master Course is a self-guided learning program designed to completely transform any real estate office that desires to run more efficiently, establish proven procedures, and increase sales. All while being outrageously mindful of the client before, during, and after every interaction. 

Covering every aspect of the business: the mindset of excellence, we will teach you Client-Centered Transaction Coordinating, Maximize Opportunity on Listing Coordinating, how to be a Real Estate Marketing Mastermind, Organization that prepares you for volume and efficiency, and Goal & Business Planning to ensure success is consistent. It is our mission and commitment to you to have you...

Enter a Rookie, Leave an Expert!


How Does It Work? 

  • Self Guided Course
  • Presentations Included
  • Procedures Included
  • Step by Step Marketing
  • Step by Step Transaction Coordinating
  • Step by Step Listing Coordinating

Course Breakdown

Let's get into it! We have included everything needed to support your agent or brokerage. We welcome you to pace yourself to ensure you are comprehending the information and principles, complete the assignments and journey with us as we support you in your new or ever-evolving position in real estate.


This section is to ensure that we begin with the correct mindset, what are some of the practices and principles you can integrate into your work style that will equip you for success. Some of the topics we will discuss are below: 

The Irreplaceable Assistant

- Your Ability to Forecast

- Get Ahead of the Trends

- Learn Your Leader


Well here is where the magic happens! We train on the best practices of the essential processes of assisting an agent or office. We don't miss a step and provide procedures and automated tools to set you up for a thorough and organized environment. Some of the topics we will discuss are below: 

Managing the Job

- Transaction Coordinating

- Listing Coordinating

- Marketing


This section is pivotal to managing the ends and outs of processes in an unpredictable environment and how they can remain sane and still continue to execute at a high level. Some of the topics we will discuss are below: 

Managing the Chaos

- Be intentional

- Calendar Management

- Project Management Software

Frequently Asked Questions

Q - What if I want to start the course from the beginning?  

A - This is a self-guided course so once you purchase you will start from the beginning and can work through the course at your own pace. 


Q - Is this course only for offices in Texas? 

A - Absolutely not! This course is designed to support any real estate agent in the nation!


Q- Is this course completed in person? 

A - No, this is an online course!

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Founder & Chief Instructor

Tiffany Haynes

Owner and CEO of Virtual Business Solutions Real Estate. A full service Real Estate Virtual Assistant Staffing company that staffs real estate agents with expert level assistants.VBS Real Estate began with just myself in my home office, fueled with ten years of experience as the marketing, listing, and transaction coordinator for a commercial, land, and residential brokerage in Texas. Coupled with my experience as a Risk manager in corporate banking-managing high risk issues in the post sale loan department. I have infused the experience of day to day real estate operations with the analytical and procedural integration of risk and compliance management on a corporate level. Learning to think big operation and scale it down for a small business to move as efficiently as a corporate giant but within the logistics and budget of an independent entity. After only three years VBS Real Estate now has a full staff of transaction coordinators, listing coordinators, administrative, and marketing specialists. When my business begin to evolve where I had to hire a staff, it was just myself and Tristan Skiles who is the current COO, and has been with me the longest. There were a lot of things we did everyday that were hard for us to let go. What we did the best, what clients loved about the business were the things that we implemented and the way we handled their business like our own. There was only one way that could happen seamlessly. We had to take these robust, thoughtful, analytical, client centered processes and document it with checklists, templates, best practices, technology and teach each assistant that we hired.For the first time since the beginning of this journey we have packaged this course for the public:- For assistants that would like to go from being the runner for the office to the backbone.- For new agents that would like to establish their career and business with the structure of the most successful agents on the planet. - Brokerages that would like to train their staff or agents and have the training on hand as turnovers occur.- A real estate virtual assistant looking to start their own business.This course will teach you how to take the most lucrative industry in the world and make that machine work for you, effectively, efficiently, and bring about the best to your clients while providing your financial breakthrough. SEE YOU INSIDE THE COURSE! :)

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Introduction!

  • 2

    The Mindset

    • Mindset Breakdown

    • Forecasting Questionnaire

    • Your Ability to Forecast - Forecasting Questionnaire

    • DISC Breakdown

    • DISC One on One

    • Strength Finders Test

  • 3

    The Job

    • Transaction Coordinating (TC)

    • Transaction & Listing Tracker

    • Transaction & Listing Tracker Video

    • Transaction Coordinator Templates

    • Transaction and Listing Checklists

    • TC - Keep In Touch Google Form

    • Listing Coordinating

    • Listing and Buyer Presentations

    • Marketing

    • Partnership & Farewell/Greeting Postcard Examples

    • Open House Signs

  • 4

    The Chaos

    • The Chaos

    • Vision and Goal Satement

    • Never Miss a Task Email Strategy

  • 5


    • Thank you!

  • 6

    Bonus Content

    • Scheduling and Templates

    • Canva Training

    • Canva: Setting up Brand Kit

    • Google Forms

    • Creating a Mailchimp Template

    • Masters of Marketing Spreadsheet Download

    • Masters of Marketing Spreadsheet Video

    • Preparing Listing Documents

    • Skyslope

    • CSS

    • Sending a Document out for Signature using DocuSign

    • Dotloop Training

    • Facebook LIVE on Module #1

    • Facebook LIVE on Module #2

Pricing options

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